S. Sudan, Djibouti agrees on trade ties

02nd Mar 2021 Annonces Communiqués

South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (SSCCIA) and Djibouti Chamber of Commerce have agreed on trade ties between the two countries.

The South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, is the umbrella body representing and advocating for the private sector in the Republic of South Sudan, according to the chamber’s profile.

Its main activities are to safeguard business interests and sharing business experiences, contact with governments, civil society, local media and the press and organizing trade shows and events.

Speaking to the press on Thursday at Juba International Airport upon arrival from Djibouti, the first Chairperson of South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Losidik Lukak Legge said the Chamber was invited by the Djibouti counterpart to assess the business avenues that could allow South Sudan to partner with.

“Truly our trip to Djibouti was an invitationby Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti to South Sudan Chamber of Commerce on bilateral cooperation. We met with them and signed memorandum of understanding on trade relations,”Mr. Lukak said.

He said the team from the chamber were able to tour about five seaports in Djibouti saying they are calling on the government to help the institution build strong ties with the latter in order to enable the country try to use Djibouti’s ports.

“Our trip was quite successful. We had several meetings and we were also able to visit five sea-ports and this requires our country to build relationship with Djibouti so that they help us with the issue of the port for us to use,” he said.

The Chairperson argued that according to their assessment, Djibouti port could be nearer compared to Mombasa’s port which the country currentlyuses to imports goods from abroad.

He emphasized that they were working out to find a destination to ease trade activities within the country with reasonable prices of goods.

“What I have observed with my eyes is that we can benefit from Djibouti in the side of trade,if we wereto use their port. We have discussed everything without leaving anything.Even about the distances, because if the roadsopen from Ethiopia to Gambella via Fangak, it means we can use the port. We are seeking a destination where our goods can reach on time and at least with reasonable prices we can afford,”Mr.Lukak explained.

He was accompanied by six member team from the institution.

Last month, the institution in collaboration with the government organized a trade fair event conducted by traders and investors from Khartoum, Sudan where the occasion was held at Freedom Hall for 15 days. Next month the chamber will likely host another investment submit to be conducted by Egyptians investors.

In December lastyear, President SalvaKiir Mayarditproposed 2021 as an investment year according to Dr. Dhiew Mathok the Minister for Investment.

By Elia Joseph Loful

S. Sudan, Djibouti agrees on trade ties